Coprompter: AI-Powered Prompt Assistant


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– Improve Prompts

– Increase or Decrease Tone

– Randomize Prompts

Welcome to Coprompter

As we ready our launch for our Chrome extension, get ready to unlock the full potential of your prompts with the power of artificial intelligence.

Revolutionize Your Writing with Coprompter

Coprompter isn’t just a tool; it’s your creative partner designed to refine, enhance, and invigorate your writing prompts. Whether you’re battling writer’s block or looking to add a spark to your creative projects, Coprompter stands ready to transform your ideas into masterpieces.

Features Tailored for Creativity

Improve Prompts: Elevate the quality of your prompts with AI-powered enhancements that breathe life into every word.

Tone Adjustment: Effortlessly increase or decrease the tone of your prompts to match the mood or setting you’re aiming for.

Randomize for Inspiration: Stuck for ideas? Let Coprompter generate random prompts to ignite your creativity and provide new directions for your projects.

1. Type in prompt (or randomize prompt)

2. Press Enter to improve prompt

3. Review the list of 5 prompts

4. Pick your favorite prompt

5. Copy your prompt

6. Optional: Re-enter the prompt in the box to iterate on it


Where do I use Coprompter?

Coprompter is an AI assistant that will be available as a Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store.

What does Coprompter do?

– The extension lets users change a prompt 3 different ways: Improve Prompt, Increase Tone and Decrease Tone.

– Users can also randomly generate prompts for ideas and improve those prompts.

Is it free?

– There is a 7-Day Free Trial, following the trial to continue using the program you can pay a 1-time fee of $9.99 for lifetime use.

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